When the world is against you …

Jason Falls
3 min readJul 11, 2023
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The next time I hear some Gen Z-er rattle on about having to be their authentic self, I’m going to slap the shit out of them. That way we can actually see the real authentic self. Surely the projected perfect version is a far cry from the one who catches their breath, grits their teeth and comes at you growing, “You MOTHERFUCKER?!?!”

“I have to live my truth.”

Bullshit. You can’t live your truth on the Internet. If you do, no one will like you. You … I … all of us … most of the time, are uninteresting, self-absorbed, schleps. But turn the ring light on and we’re Mr. or Mrs. Personality … authentically! Heh.

Dumb asses.

Let me tell you what living your truth does to you:

In this very space about 6–8 months ago, I wrote a deeply personal, heart felt piece about how I often felt unseen by those around me. I wasn’t throwing a pity party. I was just expressing how I felt: Unappreciated. Unacknowledged.

I often write things here knowing they’ll be read by someone, but probably not anyone I know all that well. And certainly not my family, which has never cared much about what I do for work or otherwise.

Within 48 hours, I took it down. It upset someone who thought it was a personal attack on them. They were this. They were that. They couldn’t…



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